Friday, March 7, 2014

Upcoming: Emerging Technologies: The Bio-Security Debate Part Two

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis  What Ian called.  They called it consumption

While many emerging technologies come with dual use characteristics and carry a bio-security/bio-safety risk, I would argue, particularly with regard to the life-sciences, that the benefits to public health generally outweigh most of the risk posed by bio-warfare and in most instances certainly bio-terrorism. If Craig Venter and his team develop a 3D bio-printer, the potential to counter diseases,we never thought we could inhibit or contain, much less eradicate, may become a reality. Imagine public health infrastructures in some sectors becoming obsolete. In a theatre of war, the ability to print medical counter measures, particularly on the battlefield where medics could possibly have access to portable bio-printers, one could well imagine such technology would reduce casualties and increase survival rates dramatically particularly where blood clotting agents might be swiftly manufactured.

One could imagine that the ability to swiftly treat TB or even XDR-TB rapidly and efficiently would reduce mis-management and reduce XDR-TB occurrence in a general population. These advances would alter how we currently conceive of public health preparedness. Amgen has a background paper on how biotechnology medicines are made see: When we consider the basic process and how this might work for producing vaccines and other medical counter-measures the future of 3D bio-printing is very exciting. to be continued
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